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Everything you need to know about dental marketing along with the ideas that you need to implement!


In simple words, dental marketing is the interaction between the way a dentist practices and their patients. Mostly it focuses on the minute details like the professionalism of your employees, depending on how they answer the calls if they help assist your patients and also the number of services you offer as well as the ways you make use of while providing these services. People also focus on the design of your logo(s) or the atmosphere and space in your waiting room or the way your webpage looks. In a way, you need to affect the emotional spaces of your clients.

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How is dental marketing different from dental advertising?

  • Dental advertising is when one makes use of conventional media to communicate about their practice, in not more than a few formal sentences. It is impersonal for the way it does not initiate any face to face conversation or any scope of two-way communication. The advertising is brief and formal, and although it does attract several new customers, only a handful come back to avail the services again.
  • Dental marketing says that dental health is important at any price, while dental advertising claims that you provide your service at the lowest possible price. Think twice, which is supposed to have a long-lasting effect?
  • If you advertise that you perform cosmetic dentistry, you market it using simple terms instead of using technical jargon and formally medical conditions. You market it as maybe "a bright smile makes one look confident."
  • While your advertisements are limited to a specific period (not more than a month), you can continue with marketing for as long as you want to.

Although marketing sounds a bit more laborious, it will benefit you in the long term, and you can hardly control the crowd of patients who reach you.

Ten ideas for dental marketing.

  • Focus on creating a well-designed website. Most of your patients are sure to contact you through your website. It would be best if you designed it professionally, with monochromatic background, the user-readable language and easy navigation.

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  • Concentrate on local SEOs. Search engine optimisation for dental terms will help you to get local patients. After all, dentistry is always localised. If you are based in London, a patient from Asia will not travel all the way even if they find your website quite helpful. This also helps in the era of voice search where people generally almost always search as "near me".
  • Become a part of your local community. Dentistry, as mentioned earlier, is a local business. Therefore, never miss a chance to get involved with your local community by participating in festivals, sponsoring for events, providing services at low cost during the first visit and so on.
  • Build a social media community. In the age of digitalisation, social media plays an important role. Your followers get to hear from you and about your services regularly.
  • Content marketing. Blog posts and eBooks with informative content will bring more visitors to your site who can eventually turn into your patients.
  • Resort to Google AdWords. It is a pay-per-click platform which facilitates your ad's display to users who search for particular keywords. Make use of unique offers and other things that capture attention.

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  • Appointment reminders. You can either use a digital reminder or a physical reminder. In most cases, digital reminders work better. Digital reminders are emails, texts, phone calls, while physical reminders include postcards.
  • Encourage reviews from your customer. While searching for a product or services online, nearly 90% of the customers rely on the reviews of other customers. You can persuade your customers for reviews and referrals by providing them with a certain percentage of the discount.
  • Video advertising. Short video clips on your website where real-life patients share their experience or being treated, does the magic! Go for it.
  • Make use of emergency keywords. When it comes to dental problems, emergency services are always in demand. Using keywords like "urgent", "emergency" or "immediate" helps when people search for "urgent dental services" at unusual hours.


Dental marketing helps you get active and immediate results at affordable prices. With the strategies listed above, you are good to go! Innovate, ideate and always have a target audience who you can connect with emotionally. Do take good care of your patients; that is what matters the most.

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